Vampiric Asylum

This is an Asylum owned by vampires. The vampires here allow all speices stay at their Mansion beside the Asylum. The Asylum is a place where you go to praise the Vampire's lord.

    Howl Jenkins Pendragon


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    Howl Jenkins Pendragon Empty Howl Jenkins Pendragon

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    Name: Howl Jenkins Pendragon, also known as Howell Jenkins, Wizard Howl, Wizard Pendragon, Sorcerer Jenkin or simply Howl

    Age: N/A

    Species: Human

    Image: Howl Jenkins Pendragon Howl2

    Abilities: many forms of magic

    History: Howl was born in Wales in our world. His real name is Howell Jenkins. He had remarkable magical abilities that led him to write a doctoral thesis on charms and spells. He then went to Ingary, a country in an alternate world where magic is commonplace, and becomes Mrs. Penstemmon's last pupil. He caught a falling star (i.e. a fire demon) and gave it his heart to keep it alive. In exchange, the fire demon runs Howl's castle. As a result, Howl lacks a heart, both literally and figuratively. This gets him into trouble with the Witch of the Waste. He also seeks to develop a reputation as a wicked wizard

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