Vampiric Asylum

This is an Asylum owned by vampires. The vampires here allow all speices stay at their Mansion beside the Asylum. The Asylum is a place where you go to praise the Vampire's lord.

    Little sister and BIg Daddy


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    Little sister and BIg Daddy Empty Little sister and BIg Daddy

    Post  RipvanWinkle on Thu Dec 03, 2009 6:32 pm

    Name: Little Sister......()Doesnt have real name()

    Age: 6 to 7 years


    Image:Little sister and BIg Daddy Lsconcept3

    Abilities:Doesnt really have any. she can suck the adam out of people, adn can also control things called big daddys

    History: Just were little girls that lived in the underwater city of rapture, but were taken and corrupted. But now all they do is walk around, and collect adam for big daddys.

    Name:Big Daddy, OR to a little sister Mr Bubbles

    Age: Unknown

    Species: Big robot

    Image: Little sister and BIg Daddy Bioshock-on-DVD-1260

    Abilities:It main thing is a giant drill on its left arm. It also can use plasmids, like lightning, fire, Telekenesis and other abilities,

    History:Was just like a guard for the city of rapture, but now it protects little sisters and lives off of the adam that they collect for them.

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