Vampiric Asylum

This is an Asylum owned by vampires. The vampires here allow all speices stay at their Mansion beside the Asylum. The Asylum is a place where you go to praise the Vampire's lord.

    MIka Asagi


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    Name:Mika Asagi

    Age: 19

    Species: human

    Image:MIka Asagi MikaGrave-1

    Abilities: Doesnt have much, only has the protection of grave, and her small pistol.

    History: Mika asagi lived wioth her mother Maria, before she was killed by the millenium. She then ran around and then was confronted by people, doctor tokiyoka found her and told her to come with him. Thats where she met grave, and seems to stick with him, but seems alone alot. Now she just roams around, hoping to see grave once in a while
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